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About Us

The late Capt. Dennis Arthur Beale, the family patriarch, established himself in the Andaman Islands in the late 60s. After a long, illustrious career in the merchant navy, his love for the sea drew him to visit and explore the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Cinque Is., Jolly Buoy Is. and Red Skin Is. were identified by him as potential tourist destinations.

Capt. Beale’s legend lives on. Denise, his eldest daughter, inherited her father’s love for the islands. She and her husband, a retired Indian Army general, decided to establish the Andaman Anchorage as a tribute to Capt. Beale and an introduction to all of what these islands are about.

We invite you to explore and enjoy all of this and undertake to look after you from the time you touch down till you say “ciao”.